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User group for Behringer's FCB1010 MIDI pedalboard, for exchange of tips, information, Sysex dumps, etc. Please check the Files and Databases areas for lots of helpful hints, and please see FAQ for the FCB1010 Frequently Asked Questions

When you apply to join this group you will receive an auto response email called: "Your pending membership in the group" which you must reply to; if it doesn't arrive almost immediately check your Junk/Spam folders. Failing that, please email: to confirm your application, otherwise your application will not be approved if the email isn't answered.

Here's the mantra: Look in the files section. Read your user manual cover to cover at least three times. Read the FAQ. Try programming your FCB and if you have any problems come back with specific questions. You will want to have your firmware revision handy because someone here will ask you what it is if you are having trouble. You can get the firmware revision number by removing the bottom cover and reading the sticker on the chip.

Note for suppliers of EPROM upgrades: if you provide an EPROM Burning service, you may advertise by providing a link in the Database area of this group under "EPROM Suppliers". Please do not advertise on the list itself, and be aware that duplicate and misplaced entries in the Database area will be (re)moved.

Please note that this list adopts a zero tolerance approach to spam - spammers will be deleted and reported to their ISP without any warning other than this one. NOTE: Please keep your message content on-topic. New member's first three posts to the forum are moderated.

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