Re: Deciding on controller - can the FCB do these things?

klaus dibbelt <ewig-waehrt-am-laengsten@...>

what is gonna work for sure:
common and separate program changes.

what definitely wont work:
the ada mp1 doesnt understand cc-messages. it only reacts to programchange

i dont know the time machine and i dont know the looper you do not have
;-). success will depend on what kind of midi messages they expect to
perform the desired function.

hope that helps

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I have it in my head to get a Behringer FCB1010. It seems to be the
most versatile controller in my price range, versus the Digitech
Control 8 and Art X-15. My rack consists of an ADA MP-1, a Digitech
TSR-12, and a Digitech 7.6 Time Machine. The latter unit is not MIDI
controllable. I also plan to add either an Echo Pro or a Gibson EDP
or similar unit for more controlled looping later this year.

What I think I'd like to do is set it up where I can do the
following: do global preset program changes where both the TSR-12 and
MP-1 (and the looper unit eventually) change programs according to
whatever I put in the FCB; have separate buttons to individually
select programs on either unit; tap-tempo; simple loop controls for
whatever MIDI controlled looper I get; and two buttons for the swtich
controls on the FCB to control the TIme Machine (effect on/off and
repeat/hold). From the variable controllers, one would be a volume
for the MP-1 and the other a misc. parameter control for the TSR-12.

Okay, does this sound feasible? Is this too much for the FCB I'd like
to do live looping and the like and that's what I'm gearing the
system towards. Perhaps if you have a moment you could outline the
way you have your controller set up in the event it might be a better
solution or present ideas to consider.

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