Re: Newbie with twist

klaus dibbelt <ewig-waehrt-am-laengsten@...>

last question first:

Is there a way to assign different MIDI notes to different
footswitches within a given program?
what is often misunderstood: every patch of the fcb is a "program" of its
own. this may consist of programchange- and/or cc- and/or
midi-note-messages. when editing a patch you can setup which of the
functions are to be part of this program.

Here is the need for the 1010. I assign different MIDI notes to the
switches and free my hands to play their part while my feet have the time
for precision.

So far, I have learned to assign a single MIDI note to a program
?? you may assign a midi note message to a patch, without having it send a
program change!

The most complicated of these sequences has 6 trigger points in it,
requiring six programs of the first bank.
yes, this is possible.

I want to eventually be able to effect tempo and overall volume of the
K2000 from the 1010, if possible, and to control as must of the function of
the sequencer section of the synth as I can access.
should be possible, if the k2000 allows this.
but youve already spent six out of ten patches of the bank for note-on

hope that helps

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