Re: How do you REALLY get it to work?

klaus dibbelt <ewig-waehrt-am-laengsten@...>

Currently teh sysex file I have uses 5 banks, and 6 switches in each to
presets (ie. bank 00, switch 1 = J preset 0-1, bank 00, switch 2 = 0-2,
00, switch 3 = 0-3, bank 00, switch 6 = 1-1, bank 00, switch 7 = 1-2, bank
switch 3 = 2-3, etc.) This just seems so inefficeint to waste 6 switches
to change presets.
if you spare them, what do you want to use them for (i guess, program change
is what 90% of us use almost exclusively of the fcb-functions)?
if you dont want no preset-changing, you can assign ccs or midi-notes to
as many patches of each bank as you want to.


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