Re: How do you REALLY get it to work?

klaus dibbelt <ewig-waehrt-am-laengsten@...>

maybe you have read too many posts too carefully! some of them were related
to particular items, that are not at all relevant for the use with a v-amp.
you have 100 patches in the fcb, all of them with the same possible
functions. none. of them is predetermined to be a program switch or a cc
(control change=effect control).
because they didnt want to put one hundred switches on it, they just took
ten (plus two for up and down). by using the up/down switches you get to
another bank (= change the physical switches 1-10 to be 11-20, 99-100...).
all this talk about using five switches of one bank for progchange, the
other five for ccs, were suggestions for a sensible use. but sure this
depends on your needs.

Now, if I put Vamp A2 preset into FCB pedal#2, those same effects I
had for pedal #1 will not work with pedal #2, correct? I have to
program each pedal 6-10 again for the pedal #2? And so on to pedal
this is a question that, admittedly, has not yet been clearly discussed!
yes they will work! if you step on the footswitch that you have programmed
to switch on the reverb in v-amp A1 (which, say, is "large hall", it will
now switch on the reverb that is chosen in A2 (which could be "tiny room")
take a look at the v-amp manual, chapter 8.1.:
the parameters are not separately defined for every single effect. apart
from volume, wah, gain, drive, eq and some others specials (that are present
in all presets), you find:
-pre-effect (comp, auto-wah)
-post-effect (ie all modulation effects)
-delay (delay, echo, ping-pong)
-reverb (8 kinds of reverb).

so if footswitch 6 was to put on the chorus in A1, it might in preset A2
put on the tremolo (or whatever post-effect had been chosen when this preset
was created).

once you have programmed a footswitch as cc (eg delay on/off), it will (in
this particular bank) be exactly this delay-cc, whatever preset is selected
in the v-amp (even if you switch your v-amp manually to D25, this switch
will change in D25 what you have programmed it to change, i.e. put on/off
the delay of D25).

let me know, if i wasnt clear again!

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