Re: not the easiest to program - get the PC Editor!

Scott Fontenot

(Sorry for getting slightly off topic)


If you are using an UnO Firware Chip... I originally tried doing my sysex transfers with just a straight dump to the unit, letting PC Editor just send it (without being in Sysex Receive Mode on the board), but it was hit and miss. I am now doing my sysex transfers by setting my Board to Sysex receive, and I haven't had any issues since. For me, it seems to transfer fine if I am in sysex Receive mode (#7 pedal while in Global config), then doing the transfer(even though the help box over the transmit sysex button reads as though you don't have to set the board to sysex receive with UnO Firmware).

Just some food for thought.

I think its just the nature of the Device. limited control optinos and limited Display options)

Having Also once tried to Program some Peavey Midi FootControl, I'll tell you it was just as tedious and difficult. Well a little easier - but only beause there were less Options! and data types you could send. The difficulty is really due to the complete flxibility.

I've been using the PC Editor a bit last week and it make sit relatively easy to reprogram all the options. - however I am having trouble with the FootControll writing the Sysex Data to Memory. Which is proving quite annoying.

Wopuld have been nice if Behringer could have stuck a USB port on it to directly access the Settings - but that would have put the price up I suppose.

Oh well.

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