blinking 88 at switch on - without Midi In Connected

ebebr <ebebr@...>


new in this group and new owner of a used FCB1010. It has Firmware Eprom 2.51E.

I can´t make to reset the FCB reset or to access the Global Configuration.

I´m planning to use the FCB simply as switch for my EXEF 6-shooter MIDI preamp on Channel 1 and a Roland GP 100 on midi channel 2.

For test reasons I´ve set the Roland GP-100 to receive on channel 1 and connected the FCB out with the Roland Midi in.

Switching on the FCB, it shows the famous blinking 88 until - after 20 seconds or so and when I press the UP button - the display changes to blinking 00. Then I`m able to change bank and patch numbers - the display with bank number is still always blinking.

The Roland didn´t received any midi signal and so I tried to reset the unit to factory presets (to be shure to have the FCB sending on channel 1)

The FCB does not recognize any of the reset combinations (1&6, 1&7, 1&8) and also did not switch to the global configuration when pressing the DOWN/ESCAPE button while switching on. - it blinks the 88 as it would be build for...

I tried also to connect the FCB MIDI with my PC Interface and than switch it of again but as expected my FCB still is blinking - blinking - blinking.

Any ideas to get it switching instead of blinking ;-)



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