Re: Flashing '88' - Can't enter Global Confguration? - Possible method


Thanks. Worked for me too. I'd almost given up.

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Hi all,

I have an FCB1010 and it has the flashing '88' issue on power up. At first I could not enter Global configuration mode by holding DOWN while powering up. This was quite frustrating, but I found a way to do it, so, I am posting it here incase anybody else has the same issue.

While powering up, hold down the 5 button, the display flashes '.8.8'
When the display changes to flashing '8.8', release the 5 pedal and hold the DOWN pedal (this change must be done fairly quickly).

The FCB1010 should now enter Global Config mode (it seems to work almost every other time for me).

I hope this helps some users out as it did for me!

Best Regards,

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