Re: Long time tube guy, now Axe-Fx Ultra guy w/ FCB1010


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So, as you can imagine, I am somewhat of a newb when it comes to midi. My experience pretty much consists of plugging in a midi pedal, like the ART X-11 and it works, I can switch between patches viola, midi rules!

Now, however, it gets a bit trick with the FCB1010 and trying to control the volume of the Axe-Fx with expression pedal2 and control wha with expression pedal1. I say "tricky" but what I really mean is I am totally lost. Don't event know where to begin. I reset the FCB1010 when I got it (used for $74, which I thought was a steal) and it switches between patches. But other than that I am dumbfounded. I have ordered the UnO eprom cause I like the idea of being able to turn effects on and off, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I really am at a loss. Any hints, tips, suggestions, or reading with regard to the Axe-Fx and the FCB1010 are welcome.



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