Re: Cyber-Twin


your cyber twin manual says the tuner is PC#127. you just have to make sure your fcb is sending on the same channel your
cyber is set to recieve. i believe your twin defaults to channel 1, but this can be changed. start at page 24 in your cyber manual.
i am unsure whether you can turn it off with the same PC# or if you just simply go back to another patch to exit the tuner

From: dvhonk
To: fcb1010@... b24
Sent: Thu, November 25, 2010 1:37:10 PM
Subject: [fcb1010] Cyber-Twin


How can I setup my FCB1010 to access the tuner on the Fender cyber-twin se. I would use something like Bank 00 Pedal 10 to turn the tuner on and off. Can this be done?

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