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Bruce Collins

Skb case amazon 44.95

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I have the SKB case also and it works well and looks sharp (part number is SC2709).  You can get them at any of the online music stores or Amazon.  The case's interior is a little larger than the pedal so you need some kind of a buffer to keep it from moving around.  I actually put a midi/power cable "snake" that I made in with it to keep it from moving around.  But you could also just use a towel or some bubble wrap or something.
As to cutting the unit's case, I agree with an earlier responder to use a Dremel/rotary type of tool with the appropriate blade, but you could also probably use just a plain old hacksaw, but operate slowly and very gently, obviously. 
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Best gig bag that worked wonders for me - like really cut for the FCB

SKB MIDI Foot Controller Soft Case For FCB1010, MFC10, FC200, CyberFoot

Bought it from Amazon - ROFL I just saw also I left a comnment there for it under the name of Roger.



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I,ve been looking for some cover/gig-bag for my fcb1010.
Found the solution when I couldn' t play tennis anymore:
My big tennis bag was perfect.
Works for me, might work for others. 

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Might be easier and nicer looking to just get a larger gig bag....we are only talking inches here...
El Segundo, CA


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I thinking modifying my FCB in a big way. Taking a circular saw to it and cutting off the 2nd expression pedal. To make the whole unit smaller and so it fits into a smaller gig bag. I only use one expression pedal and it looks like there is no other electronics on that side. ( I would make the cut just to the right of the power input ).

Does anyone have any knowledge of this, or know anyone that's tried?
I can't find any posts about it.

It looks like pretty tough steel!




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