Re: Sending sysex with cheap usb to midi adaptors.. I have a fix .. anyone interested ?

Bruce Collins

Im in!  I use windows 8( sucks) and trying to use linux as well


On Mar 11, 2013, at 11:34 AM, Andrew Carney <anddrewuk@...> wrote:


All ....

I finally got around to doing what I said I would last year, and come up
with a solution to getting those £2.99 USB to MIDI leads able to send a
sysex file to the FCB1010.

I have a test program running on my linux box that will reliably send a
full sysex file to an FCB1010 fitted with either the Uno chip versions
1.0.2f and 1.0.3

It 'should' work with ALL newer FCB1010s with or without Uno prom.

If there is enough interest, I will extend it to be more than just a
test program, and publish a linux version in the first instance.

If there is enough demand, I will either publish a Micro$oft version, or
if I can't find some free tools to compile it with, I will make the
source code available for all ..

Anyone want to volunteer to do some testing ?


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