Re: DualStompboxMode?

Bruce Collins

I'm in and very interested.

I have a TC electronic G major and like having a couple presets but really like accessing the stompboxes.


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If you don't mind wielding a screwdriver, Ossan's LGFCB upgrade massively increases the flexibility of the FCB over and above his already good UNO upgrade.
I've had mine since the new year and I found it well worth it :)



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> How many users would like to see a dual stompbox mode in the UNO upgrade? Instead of assigning the stompboxes to top or bottom row there would be an option for both. When this is selected in the global setup there would be no patch changes, just bank changes - 19 banks of 10 stompbox style switches. If the idea is popular and would sell UNO chips, maybe they would provide that in a firmware upgrade. I'd love to see that for using with my keyboard - no need for having 100 patch changes on the 1010, my keyboard can send out the patch changes.
> This is my first post - if I try to put spaces in between my words my whole subject dissappears. Is this a know issue on the board or is my browser/PC just acting flakey?
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