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You must set CC1(vol) and  and CC7(wa) on fcb for the Kemper

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You said you'd reset the FCB. Did you recalibrate the pedals? Each pedal needs a CC# and a low (usually 0) and high (usually 127 value).  Assuming that you're using an editor, can you see the pedals' output in the monitor?

If all of that checks out, and the FCB's MIDI channel matches that of the Kemper, then the problem is probably how you've got the Kemper set up. Can't help with that, don't have one. Good luck!

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Kemper profile amp, I have the uno chip installed .

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What are you trying to control (type of hardware, amp sim, DAW, ?)?

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Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 07:24:00 -0500
Subject: [fcb1010] Wah and volume

My wah and volume pedal doesn't work, I have reset the FCB, and selected 1 and 5 for the settings, is there a secret I don't know ?

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