Re: FCB and Kemper


I'm not in front of my Kemper right now, but as I remember you only have a total of 8 effects positions at one time. 4 stomps in front of the amp rig and 4 after.
 I would have to look at the programmer, I'm not what you want is possible.
  Are you using Kemper in a live situation?
Sounds like you are  wanting to have say: bank 1 give you access to ten different rigs ,then choose a rig
 then bankup to bank 2 and have access to 10 (8) effects CCs to use with the rig you had chosen in bank 1?

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Hi, thanks for your answer.
What I wanna do is:
one bank or preset of 10 CCs for controlling the stomps on the Kemper
and then I hit the up button to the next and there is:
one bank or preset of 10 PCs for switching to 10 Kemper rigs

Maybe I'm mixing up presets with banks because from my understanding a preset is a set of
the 10 switches with each one having a different MIDI command assigned. Or is that a bank?

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