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You have to go into system on the Kemper  and assign a pc# (program change) to each rig you want to be able to recall by MIDI. Their is a list on the Kemper site  of all the CCs that are available to switch on/off all the stomps.
 If the Kemper is all you are trying to controll then I would highly recommend the UNO for Kemper chip.
 If you need to control another device at the same time then the regular UNO chip works best.

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First, make sure that the fcb is transmitting using a Midi Monitor such as MidiOx. It's not clear from your question what it is that you're trying to do. The fcb is simply a PC/CC sending unit. I did a quick search, and it seems that you need to assign a PC# to a preset in Kemper, and that the effects are controlled by pre-assigned CC#s. By default the fcb sends only PC#s, Bank 00=PC#001-010 (or is it 000-009 - I haven't had a stock fcb for a long time), Bank 01= 011-020, etc.. You'll need to assign specific pedals to send specific CC#s if that's what you want. In other words, once you've established that the fcb is working and what's being sent by the buttons (don't forget to calibrate the expression pedals), then it's RTM time. Also, if you don't already have one, get an editor for the fcb. It'll make life SO much easier. However, it was me I'd get the UNOKemper chip.

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Hi Guys,I must say I'm usually pretty savy with amps, cabs, guitars, setups, etc. but this foot controller is the death of me.

I can't get it working at all. I have the FCB connected to the kemper via midi from the FCB's midi out to the Kemper's midi in. I have them both set on channel 1 so they'll talk and, tried making some presets and no connection whatsoever. When i try making more presets or programming it seems to cause the kemper to have a fuzzy/crackly sound when I strum and then causes the kemper to have some kind of an error and I have to restart.

The kemper has the latest firmware on it

The fcb has the standard chip and does not have the uno. The chip in the fcb is version 2.5

Any ideas? I've been playing with it for 3 hours and nothing..

Thanks guys :)

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