Re: FCB1010 into a Kemper Profiler


Marcus, Sounds like you only half completed the patch change info in the Kemper.
In the System settings,  right page  to page 5. at the bottom left of the screen you see the MIDI prg change(PC) number. in the box it shows the current rig and the one (or none) currently assigned to that PC#.use the type knob to scroll through and find the rig you want to assign to that PC#. and then hit store button
Use the left knob below the screen to switch PC#
 You may find it easier to find a rig I want first ,and then go to system and assign it to a PC#
 The Uno for Kemper  chip is preconfigured to Control the Kemper. So no setup is necessary If you use 2 midi cables the FCB1010 talks to the Kemper and your stomp LED settings show true on/off status on pedal LEDs also the tuner functions show on the FCB1010 screen
The Stock UNO chip is much easier to program and set up in stomp box mode as well. It will give you 5 stomp pedals and 5 program pedals. It also eliminates the hysteresys in the pedals so they react correctly. Programs easily with the free Ripwerx programmer or with the modestly priced UNO programmer even easier. Paul

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Thanks for the response EJ, I really appreciate the help. I'm doing some research as well this morning and have a few questions for you. I apologize, I hope they don't sound like stupid questions (all these instructions sound greek to me including the instructions from behringer) as this is the first time I've experimented with foot controllers and I'm a midi newbie but here it goes.-I keep on hearing about the UnoKemper chip. What is it? I keep seeing posts about this chip but none seem to say what the difference is between the unokemper chip and the 2.5 stock (what i have now), explain what it does exactly, explain that i need it for using the kemper and where I can get it. Do I need it?

-I understand the foot controller is just a sending unit. What do you mean by PC's in the Kemper? I went into the System config area in the kemper, made the channel matchthe channel of the fcb,activated both pedals and thought that was it for setup on the kemper side of things. Did you read where it said there was additional setup I had to do on the kemper?

-To test the midi with Midiox, or to setup the fcb on my computer, how to I do that. Obviously I install the software on my pc. I currently have a Presonus Audiobox USB, would that allow me to connect into my computer properly so I could setup the fcb1010 and test the fcb1010 through midiox? Or do i need another form of hardware? I'm guessing USB to Midi cable..

Anyways, I really appreciate all the help. How did you learn about all this. I honwstly feel like an idiot because so many people online have it down and this is the first time I've been completely clueless with this stuff.

Thanks for the help!


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