Programing MSB/LSB


Hi folks,

I'm using my FCB to control my Muse Receptor Trio.  To change a preset in one of the channels I need to send an MSB/LSB/PC in the MIDI channel that matches the instrument channel of the Receptor GUI (looks like a 16 channel mixer).  In the FCB I set the MIDI channel for the CC's and PC4 pedals to MIDI ch. 8 which corresponds to my desired Receptor instrument channel.When I enter the MSB bank# in CC pedal 6 I then have to give it a value.  I then enter the LSB bank# in CC pedal 7 and have to give it a value.

Question:  Is this how I send MSB/LSB/PC from the FCB? What value should I be giving the CC pedals?

Thank you


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