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Greetings and congratulations on your new FCB1010. PC editor should read your version quite correctly, however the most solid approach to getting your correct version is to uncover the back of your fcb, I believe this will get unscrewing 16 screws included the six on the middle and omitting the two on the top left if I Recall right, then take a look at the printed version om the microcontroller it will be stated clearly.

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Hello everybody,

I am just wondering, how the firmware / EPROM version is determined via MIDI. I know that the PC tools can do it (but not all tools do it correctly.)
So, I assume that the EPROM version is not stored in the SysEx file, which can be downloaded. (Or am I wrong?)
Is there a SysEx command to read the version?
If so, how does the read data map to the version?
How to distinguish between an official Behringer firmware and the UnO firmware?

Thanks for an answer in advance...

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