Re: EPROM-Version

Musical Applications

Thank you very much for your replies!

To OssanDust:
This is exactly that, what I was looking for. I verified this with MIDI-OX and two MIDI yokes.
So, if I understand it correctly:
F0 start of SysEx message,
00 20 32 is the manufacturer ID of Behringer,
01 seems to be the device ID (a.k.a. global channel),
0C seems to be the model ID (i.e. the ID of the FCB1010),
40 command for version request OR version response data
F7 end of SysEx message.

And the response data is a number which maps (by the help of lookup table) to the firmware version.
So, there is no formula, isn't it?
Where is the "border" between the Behringer and the UnO version?
(Smaller than 10 00 00 is UnO, otherwise it is Behringer?!)

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