Re: FCB1010 USB Conversion


OK, I'll come clean. I have 2 prototypes working using Arduino Pro Micros & a step up convertor.

The biggest issue was getting the supply clean enough for the Expression pedals. The FCB1010 consumes around 200mA, so USB powering isn't an issue.
Another problem was the size of the System Exclusive messages, which are larger than the RAM of the Arduino!
Anyway, I have solved these issues, & it works just the same as with MIDI, but with just USB connected (NO mains). My units are all Uno conversions, but it should work with a factory unit as it simply converts USB MIDI to conventional MIDI to the existing FCB circuitry.

I would like to ask if anyone would help me with testing?

The conversion is quite simple, & can easily be reversed. A hole needs to be cut in the FCB for the USB socket.
I'm based in the UK, so would like someone local to try it out.
Anyone interested?????
I'll convert your FCB & ship it back to you free of charge. If you don't like it, it can be switched back.
After more testing, I may make the conversion commercially available.

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