Re: FCB-1010 open source firmware ?

Roger Gentile

Really interested sorry about the typo 

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mercoledì 27 settembre 2017 21:01 +0200 da Andrew Carney anddrewuk@... [fcb1010] <fcb1010@...>:


No problem,

it is a few months away yet, but the general idea is that is you can code in C,
you will be able to make your own changes to make it work the way you want.

No physical modifications will be needed, other than plugging in a new eeprom.

On 27/09/17 19:35, ianockwellsmith ianockwellsmith@... [fcb1010] wrote:
Sorry, grabbed the wrong end of the stick......thought someone mentioned putting an Arduino inside (other than me!), and got too excited. No worries...would still be interested in FCB mod.

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I think you missed the point here a little.

I am working on an open source project for the FCB1010 .. not an Arduino.

The idea is you can build it, customise it for yourself, and burn it into an eeprom all for yourself.
An arduino doesn't come into the picture anywhere ...

The fcb1010 uses an 8032 processor, the arduino is an at328 microcontroller.
They are completely different things.

And I have no idea what is inside a Nobles MF2


On 25/09/17 22:10, ianockwellsmith ianockwellsmith@... [fcb1010] wrote:
Hi, please keep me on any list that exists regarding this as I have an old Nobles MF2 that's faulty and would love to put an Arduino in it and have it completely programmable. 


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I have made a start on an open source project for this written in C and split into individual modules around the various parts of the device.

I have got a bit delayed as I am currently putting together a decent simulator to make the development loop and the testing a lot easier.

It is likely to be months before I have anything worth looking at, but when I have I will post details on the group.

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