Re: Receiving SysEx dump issue (Stock FCB)

Roger Gentile

Hi Sam,

in order to transmit a sysex from you computer to the fcb1010 do This:

turn off unit

press and hold down unito it finisse switching lights

press up twice

press 7

go Back to your computer and transmit data

wait till it finishes

press and hold down

wait for the countdown to finish

switch off the unit

switch it back on and your new presets will be there

let me know how you manage



Il 9 dicembre 2017 alle 7.30 "sam_madoo@... [fcb1010]" <fcb1010@...> ha scritto:



    Ok, so it was pretty easy to save a back up file on the computer using Midi OX.

Then I did a factory restore and tried to send back one of the back up files. According to the manual , once the stored file is being transmited,the foot switch LED flashes while the FCB1010 is receiving data. Once the data have been received correctly, the LED dies out. Quit Global by means of a long press on DOWN".

Everything ok, excep the LED only flashes once and then it kind of keeps shimmering....and never "dies out"...If I press and hold DOWN , it starts doing the count down from 09 to 00. (as if I just did a factory restore).

What gives?



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