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Ian Ockwell-smith

Hi EJ, I too have the Uno. I can't remember exactly how I got it all to work but did make up stereo to mono leads. I do remember using switch 2 as unlatch (behringer tuner mute/unmute) and switch 1 as latch for amp channel. In the end I customised my FCB heavily, taking out the power supply and fitting it in my rack case. Power, MIDI and channel switching all now run through a single locking ethernet cable. I fitted an additional 1/4" socket to send amp channel switching  (from a Marshall f/sw) then used the FCB analogue switches to turn on and off two FX pedals that a mate of mine adapted  to be switched from a 1/4" socket as opposed to the pedal f/sw.
This worked great then I bought a Boss GTPRO that has more fx than I can shake a stick at and a tuner so all my alterations became almost redundant!
I've now got a Roland FC200  that can switch between patch change mode and CC mode allowing up to 18 cc's to be used within a patch.

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This is very helpful........i am going out to buy a stereo cable

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Ian - I don't have the stock chip, I have UNO. Testing the switch functions against my Bugera 2ch with reverb amp, I've discovered that switching only works properly when the FCB switch function is set to MOMENTARY(pulsing). The ever useless Behringer manual indicates that it's possible with the stock chip to specify the mode, but I'll be darned if I can find how to do that. It's a piece of cake with UNO and ControlCenter, but with ControlCenter in stock FCB mode, there's no setting for this.

Know ye anything about this? 

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Bloody hell....ignore me if the stereo lead works. I've just learnt something new. Wish I'd read  the "book of words" when I did my set up as I built leads especially!

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if it currently works with a stereo cable, you should again use a stereo cable, plugged in one of both FCB1010 jacks. Only one of the two will actually work, you will need to try which one. At least that's how they say it in their manual p.13 topic 3.3 : 

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I must be doing something wrong then

I know that the Marshall pedal I use presently on my Marshall head is stereo

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Standard guitar cable does the trick.

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I am struggling to make the amp channel switches work. Do I need a 1/4 inch balanced stereo cable?

Any other hints would be appreciated



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