Re: Custom simple EPROM

Ian Ockwell-smith

I Had a hairbrained scheme to use a Teensy as the brain of an old Nobels MF2 midi foot controller but gave up as I couldn’t put the time in to learn programming. If you already know that then it should be possible to connect up the FCB’s F/Sw’s and Exp pedals to the teensy (or similar). This would give you complete control of all parameters...........
......I think.

Sounds good reading it out! In practice I have no idea how easy it would be.

Not sure this helps you at all but am interested to see how it develops.
Good luck.


On 23 Apr 2018, at 17:55, jwheeler91@... [fcb1010] <fcb1010@...> wrote:



I want to make an EPROM that:

  • sends momentary CC signals for each pedal including up down
  • sends value of expression pedals on change (usual behaviour)
  • accepts midi in for leds (on/off) above pedals and in config bar (including value on 7 seg displays)
  • accepts midi in for relays (on/off - including leds)
  • doesn't need to have presets
  • doesn't need to change its settings (although I might add this in the future.
I plan to the trouble is, I don't know where to start.

Is it written in C? or something else? How do I listen to midi, how do I target leds or buttons?

I wish I could decompile the official firmware.

Can anyone give me some tips?

P.s. I am a software engineer and amongst other languages I know Java and Swift an d have used C# and small amounts of C and have written to PIC controllers when I was doing electronics A-level (UK) 11 years ago but can't really remember it very well.

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