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Sorry, I can't understood was this e-mail addressed to me, but I suggest to use iFCB (app for Mac). It's about 20 USD to pay but works well with Factory Chip. It give You a good overview of all parameters. I downloaded it from and payed as said.



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Please see my previous reply. I’ll be happy to help if you provide details that I can work with. What you’ve provided is not helpful. All I can say based on that is that each of the messages that the FCB can send on a single pedal press – 5 PC, 2 CC, 1 NOTE, 2 expression pedals – can be set to a different channel.. The factory default is Channel 1 for all, but you can change any of them to any of the 16 possible MIDI Channels. As I said previously, if you’re trying to program your FCB using the Behringer manual method, you’re just hitting yourself with a stick Get an editor!


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It's so strange that. Before I do anything, clearly I set 5 as my midi channel. I even see a midi channel lid up at #5 on my keyboard (before assign the note value). But then I tried, just to assign 1 note to a pedal #5, the midi channel changed to 1. Is it a default channel? 



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