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Sadly FC7s are as rare as rocking horse manure.
Back to the drawing board.
(Often wonder what the inventor of the drawing board went back till he got it right ;-)  )

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I had a quick look through the documentation and couldn’t find the MIDI commands that would duplicate the FC7 functions. It’s probable that it sends either proprietary Roland codes or MMC (sysex). The FCB doesn’t send sysex, except as it’s used for configuration with an editor. It’s possible that there could be intermediary hardware or software solutions available, but your best bet, lacking any Roland documentation, is to look for a used FC7 on eBay.


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Has anyone used the FCB1010 to control the various features on a Roland BK7M and if so is there a data dump available?

Roland for reason only known to themselves have discontinued the FC7 foot controller which gave brilliant control over the BK7M

Thanks in advance

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