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Rolf Westberg

A couple of years back, I considered exchanging my Roland FC7 for a for a FCB 1010.  The attached files are the results of that experiment.  The 1010 worked great for tone (patch) selection, calling performances, and some controller and division functions.  However, because the 1010 does not send mini SFX messages, in the Roland style, I still had to use momentary switches attached to the BK-7m for Start/Stop, tone change for UP1 to UP2, intro, ending, etc.


I now use an iPad with the ForScore software.  ForScore can send Program changes, Song Select (performance) and Hex Code(SFX) messages.  I control most everything from the iPad, but still use a couple of switches on a Boss FS-6 for Start/Stop and tone selection.  I wired up a custom cable for the FS-6 using a 8-pin Midi plug and a TRS jack.  Just connect any 2 of the wires to tip and ring and one to ground.  Since the BK-7M functions for the FC7 are programmable, just set them to what you want to control. 


I also replace the Midi cable between my instrument and the BK-7M with a MidiBeam wireless Transmitter-Receiver and replaced the audio cable from the BK-7M to my amp with a Boss WL-20L setup. But that is another story.


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