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No clue. That’s what we’re trying to establish.


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I hope I'm not speaking out of turn but do MMC messages do what's required? I only say this as I have an FC200 that I'm sure I read somewhere can be made to send MMCs. Please ignore if not relevant.






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OP has already dumped the BK7M, so this is really a moot point, but you never know when somebody else will want to do this. If you read the rest of this thread, you know that I searched in vain for Roland documentation on just exactly what the BK7M wants to see for it’s transport control commands, whether it’s some special Roland language, MMC or whatever. Buying BOME or any other intermediary device or SW is really a pointless waste of time and money without that info, so I’d be really interested if you can help us all out with that?




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I would just get a BomeBox and load a a Bome MIDI Translator project file onto it to translate messages from the FCB1010 to whatever messages the BK-7M needs. I'm sure Florian Bomers would make you a deal on this type of package if you just use the Contact Me link on the web site.


Or you could use a MIDI Solutions Event Processor to do the translation.




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