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I’m not doubting you, just trying to get a copy


I recently did a lengthy study for someone on the L6 Helix forum on how to get the Helix to call presets on the KPA. Only piece of MIDI equipment I’ve ever seen (the KPA) that requires a calculator and/or a spreadsheet to figure out the PC#s required to load presets!


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I have really read the FC 200 manual as I had a Gt pro and bought it for "manual" mode where it's set up for Gt pro fx on/off add. Have a Kemper now and am certain it can be programmed to work but was quicker to get Uno4 Kemper instead (lazy bugger AM I). May well sit down and try to get it going with the KPA as without a doubt it's better built than the FCB.




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Roland doesn't have the FC-200 manual on their web site (was originally developed by Boss). I found a copy somewhere though. Just don't remember where and yes it can put out MMC messages and Realtime Messages as well.


IMO the Roland foot controllers were really pretty much to work with their own equipment and they didn't give much thought to flexibility with other vendors. The FCB-1010 is superior in this regards.


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