Hello - HX Stomp user here.


Hello fellow 1010’ers.

New here, - just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a 45 y.o. guitarist out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am not here seeking help, I am here to share my experience with a pedalboard based around the FCB1010 and the HX Stomp.
I have rehoused my FCB1010 twice now! I cut and bent a new housing out of aluminium. I designed it so that the 2 expression pedals are optional, and I can plug them into the main housing if

After a couple of gigs, I felt I could improve the design so I decided to rehouse it again, but as I could pick up a used FCB1010 for around 75$ I decided to make an extra.

This time I made some changes to footswitch layout and overall dimensions, and now it really shines.

For the HX Stomp I modded an old Vox wah, so that it works as the Mission Engineering pedal made for the Stomp. I gutted the wah - put in a 10k pot along with a momentary footswitch (FS5).

I designed the footswitch layout to fit how I use the HX Stomp. 6 footswitches for presets, 3 footswitches for
snapshots and one footswitch to be FS4.

HX Stomp has 3 footswiches along with 2 virtual ones (FS4 & FS5) that can be mapped to external footswiches.

I will gladly share anything if you have questions.
I can link to some photos, if you are interested.

Best regards,

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