Re: Bye Bye Yahoo!

David Kramer

Very workable solution so long as the first $100.00 can be raised. Same is true for the other groups that need to migrate.
 How does the saying go "The first million is easy".

On 10/20/2019 8:23 PM, John Riley jriley555@... [fcb1010] wrote:
if the yearly freight is only 100 or so, pretty sure a paypal account managed by the moderator, with an occasional dunning email to the community will easily clear that amount per anum.  couldn't be more than 5 per, max.

at any rate, i could commit to that.  that way, the group moves intact.  hope the uno group does the same thing.  i'm on a korg group, hope they do the same thing. 

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, 7:03:38 PM CDT, bluesrock13@... [fcb1010] wrote:


I apparently deleted this email in my morning Inbox cleaning frenzy, else I would have asked:

I wouldn't expect you to shoulder both the work and expense of this project. How would you propose that those of us who regularly contribute help with the expense? 

Would it be possible on the new platform to include a Paypal donation button?

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