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David Kramer

IMHO, Next Step:

 Someone post an email address with a PayPal account, post it and see if $110.00 rolls in. I bought the FCB1010 for my son who is a Bass player and I could never make it work correctly. (Maybe I needed to connect it to my computer ay?) But I have enjoyed reading the questions from new folks and really enjoyed seeing people work hard to answer their questions and solve their problems... All this being said I'll send 10 bucks just to help the cause. An old dude has to contribute somewhere and why not here as well.

 So, someone post the Official email for the PayPal and lets witness the magic! I think its a matter of Days until the money is there.
 Same thing happened to the Original KRAMER guitar forum.

*For shits and giggles, Kids band, he's the lefty bass player

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I’ve not contributed in a long time, I did when I had something of worth to say.  I’ve still followed this group, and the uno one as well.  I’ve been around a while…  Due to some physical issues I can’t make music like I used to and my fcb1010 has been in retirement, as have I.


That being said, perhaps I can contribute once again.  qI’d be happy to give 5 bucks if we can save this, and the uno group, as well.  The more we can protect the legacy of, and my investment in (lol), this cool tool the better!


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I've just checked the Premium Price Plan (i.e. the one that you must pay $110 up front to qualify for a Yahoo Groups transfer) and it has the following additional features over the Basic Plan:

10GB of storage (instead of the Basic Plan's 1GB)

Directly add members
Edit email addresses & confirm members
Track Removed Members
Group aliases to prevent confusion
Request/track RSVPs to events
API Access
Lock groups and subgroups
Ban Domains
Database Map View
Calendar Sync
Event Summary Email

Take Donations


I have now created a group on GIO which you are welcome to view, not that you can see much of the total structure unless you register, but please don't apply for membership! There is no point in adding new members until we have decided whether to transfer to GIO.


Roger Colwell

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