Re: Bye Bye Yahoo! Donations in GIO

David Kramer


 Collect the initial $110.00 by means of PayPal, set up the page and the Stripe donation link afterwards. By yourselves a year to get things back to normal-ish.

On 10/21/2019 7:16 AM, roger.colwell@... [fcb1010] wrote:
Regarding Donations, the Premium and Enterprise plans offer this possibility but there's a snag! Quoting GMF again:

Groups that have open donation requests will see a new Donations tab in the normal group sidebar where members can view open donation requests.

Here is the text you see when you go to the Admin Donations page for the first time:

  • We use to accept credit card payments. In order to accept donations, you will need to have a Stripe account.
  • Clicking the Connect with Stripe button will take you to a page to create a new Stripe account or connect an existing Stripe account. Stripe accounts are free.
  • Once you've connected a Stripe account, you will be able to create donation requests and your members will be able to donate using a credit card.
  • The processing fee is 5%, which includes all credit card processing fees.
  • When you create a donation request, it is considered open, which means that members can submit donations. You can close donations when they are complete.
Whilst this restriction may seem less appealing than, say, using PayPal (with lesser fees), it would be less complicated for me as I could keep it entirely separate from my PayPal account, or not have to set up a different PayPal account, that is providing I can get a Stripe account (I'll check).

Are we in agreement that it is preferable to have the Donations tab inside the GIO forum, or not?

Roger Colwell
FCB1010 Group Moderator

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