Using the FCB1010 with the PSR-9000


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First of all, it is nice to see that the group got migrated to It looks nice and at least the search function is much better than the one from Yahoo.

Anyway, although, I already posted this message here:,52701.0.html

I would like to try my luck here as well. Perhaps there is somebody here who already did this.

So, now to the point:

I have been trying to make the FCB1010 to select the Main A variation for hours, but I haven't succeed. This are something I have tried so far:

  • First, I connected the FCB1010 MIDI IN and OUT to the Midi B port of the PSR-9000
  • Then I pushed the MIDI button and choose: the "All Parts" template. I have tried others too, ie: MIDI Pedal1 and MIDI Pedal2
  • There is a section there called: "MFC10", so, I click on it, but it just doesn't seem to work with the FCB1010; it tells always to press the "FUNCTION" button, but this foot controller doesn't have have. No matter on which mode I have the FCB1010, I can't advanced more.
  • It seems that the PSR expects the footcontroller to be on channel 15 or 16, so, I tried both
  • I tried programming several note on the FCB1010, but no success. I have found several threads talking about this and it seems that note events is what you have to send

I would like to know if somebody has had success in programming it. For example: which messages do you have to send to start the rythm and how do you have to setup the PSR?

I have found a video, but it is for the Tyros. It is somehow different there. This keyboard doesn't tries to connect first with the footcontroler, so, you can easilly use the MFC10 section.

I event found a table with some messages here:,fcb1010-et-psr-3000,p.2.html

Button | Function | Midi: Status | Data1 | Data2 | Chan | Note | Event | On / off
6 | Main A | 9F | 13 | 40 | 16 | G | 0 | Note On
| 8F | 13 | 40 | 16 | G | 0 | Note off

The previous sequence should activate the Main A. I tried setting the note messages to channel 15 and 16 (I tried both), then sending the note G (31), but it doesn't work.

According to this guide:

According to the previous document, note: 14 (which according to the FCB1010 manual should be: D-1), should be the trigger of Main A.

So, as you see, different documents telling different things :-(

Thanks in advanced

Best regards

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