Re: Auslesen von Daten aus dem FCB1010 mit dem Editor

Jack Fenton

Attach IN on your Cable to OUT on your FCB1010 and visa versa.  If it is a cheap cable, it still may not work. What FCB 1010 editor are you using.  What Eprom chip version.  On some versions you need to set up your FCB1010 before sending data to your system/editor.

My recommendations:

1) Get a good MIDI to USB Interface cable. Roland UM1 or iConnectivity MIO are good choices.
2) Get Uno Firmware. It is much better than stock FCB 1010 firmware
3) Get Uno Control center editor (even if using Behringer Stock Firmware.

Doing all this, although requiring additional investment, will save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

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