FCB1010 as Bass pedal



I have a PSR-9000 and my idea is to use the FCB1010 as Bass pedal. On the PSR-9000 I can setup finger mode to "Single Finger" on the PSR. In the easiest case, you need to send a note, which will produce a major chord. I tested this and got it working; however, with seventh chords you will have to send two keys: the root and its seventh. As far as I now, it is not possible to send two notes on the FCB1010 simultaneously.

By searching on the group messages, I found somebody suggesting the "Bome MIDI Translator" to pre-process the MIDI messages and send the required keys. For example: when receiving the note "G-1" you can then send "G-1, F-1" from the tanslator software, which represents the G7 chord. However, what would happen if you have both chords: G Major and G7 on the same score? This approach will obviously failed because you will be always sending the same key on G.

My idea is perhaps using an undefined controller, ie: Controler 03H, then using the values 0 until 127 and map them to chords. My main concern is if this will interfere with other devices or is really the controller 03H unused? I found this list:

and controller 03H appears with other controllers as undefined.

Is there perhaps any other way of doing this?

Best regards

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