Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal


Hi Jack

Yes, I know about that trial version and already had it. I was only concern about this controller messages interfering with another devices. Anyway, I rethink a little bit after having posted this message and I figured out that as soon as I set the controller messages to a MIDI channel that it is not been listened by the PSR-9000, then I guess this won't affect my setup. My keyboard has two midi ports (2 midi ins and 2 outs), so, I will use one of them for the messages coming from the FCB1010 and disable port 16, then send the "Note ON/OFF" events through another channel. This is possible and I have already done it.

I would like only to know how another people has solved this. Perhaps there is a simpler way than the one I'm thinking now.

On my case, I will use two controllers: #14 and #15 to be able to send the chords. I will use the full fingered mode of Yamaha since I also want to play the chords with my left hand too, so, single fingered is not enough for me and besides of that, this mode doesn't include all existing chords.

Controller 14 will be used to send status of the first 7 notes (C until F#), ie:
    |1|0|1|0|1|0|1| = 85 -> So, starting from right to left, we will have:
    bit 0 = C  = 1
    bit 1 = C# = 0
    bit 2 = D  = 1
    bit 3 = D# = 0
    bit 4 = E  = 1
    bit 5 = F  = 0
    bit 6 = F# = 1

which means that the notes: C, D, E, and F# must be sent. Controller 15 will be used to send the last 5 notes (G until B), ie:
    |0|0|1|0|0|0|1| = 17 -> So, starting from right to left, we will have:
    bit 7  = G  = 1
    bit 8  = G# = 0
    bit 9  = A  = 0
    bit 10 = A# = 0
    bit 11 = B  = 1
    bit 12 = 0
    bit 13 = 0
which means that notes: G and B must be sent. As you see, bits 12 and 13 will be always 0 (zero). I will use those last two bits to turn off all notes; I guess this is convenient in some cases.

So, at the end, I will send C, D, E, F#, G and B, which according to the manual of my keyboard is a CM7(#11) chord.

Best regards

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