Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal

Jack Fenton

You should be able to set up Bome MIDI Translator Pro to route CC14 and CC15 only between the FCB1010 and Bome MIDI Translator and either swallow the messages for other devices or do other processing as necessary.  I would check the manuals to determine if anything else in your setup is using CC14 or CC15 and if so, find another pair of unused controllers to use.

I guess the question I have is that since FCB1010 has only 10 pedals (you cannot send messages with up and down pedal) you can send and there are 12 notes an octave, how do you handle the other 2.  What pedal press, sequences would you use to produce all of the combinations of major, minor, M7, m7, diminished etc? Would you be using bank switches to control this?  Just trying to wrap my head around it.  I've thought of doing something like this before but this is where I hit a roadblock (aside from the fact that the layout of the FCB1010 is not like a keyboard).

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