Connections of relays to switch outputs (Tip/Ring/Sleeve jacks)

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Hi there,

I just tried to figure out how the switch relays (let call them K1 and K2) are connected to the jacks labeled with Switch 1 and Switch 2.
So, this is what I found out:
- The relais K1 and K2 connect the relating tip (T) with the sleeve (S) of the Switch outputs if the relating relay is active.
- The contacts of Switch 2 have only a "mono" configuration: the ring R2 is always connected to the sleeve S2.
- The contacts of Switch 1 behave differently if the Switch 2 output is used or not:
a) If there is a plug inserted in the Switch 2 jack, K2 controls if the ring R1 is connected to the sleeve S1.
b) If there is no plug inserted in the in Switch 1 jack, the ring R1 is not connected to S1, independently of K1 and K2.
=> So, there must be some auxiliary contacs at Switch 2 which are closed if no plug is inserted.
- The contacts T1, R1, S1, T2, R2, S2 are not connected to the ground.

I did not check any wiring inside, I only used a continuity tester at the outside.
Can anybody confirm or correct my investigations? Does anybody have a schematic of this detail?


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