Re: Connections of relays to switch outputs (Tip/Ring/Sleeve jacks)

Musical Applications

Thank you very much, Jack. The schematic fits exactly to my analysis!
So, the "Switch 1" jack is actually a "Switch 1 / 2" jack if no plug is inserted at "Switch 2".

I think, it is similar to some stereo audio devices with two jacks where you can use two mono cables or one stereo at the first jack leaving the second unused. (Difference: at the FCB1010 the sleeves are separated if two cables are used.)

Am Sonntag, 17. November 2019, 20:59:59 MEZ hat Jack Fenton <jackf@...> Folgendes geschrieben:

So essentially if you want to use a single TRS cable to control both switches, plug it into S1. If you want to use 2 TS cables, plug in to S1 and S2. At least this is how I read it.

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