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You should be able to set up Bome MIDI Translator Pro to route CC14 and CC15 only between the FCB1010 and Bome MIDI Translator and either swallow the messages for other devices or do other processing as necessary.  I would check the manuals to determine if anything else in your setup is using CC14 or CC15 and if so, find another pair of unused controllers to use.
I guess this is one of the minor problems I will have and it is easily solvable.

I guess the question I have is that since FCB1010 has only 10 pedals (you cannot send messages with up and down pedal) you can send and there are 12 notes an octave, how do you handle the other 2.
My idea is to program each pedal with two control change events. With such messages, you can send values between 0 and 127. If you represent 127 in binary, then you will have:
| 1 |1 |1| 1 |1 | 1 |1 |

Those are seven bits, which can be mapped to seven notes: from C to F#. There other missing notes: from G to B can be sent with a second control change event. So can I handle the whole 12 notes. Then I could say for example that pedal one should send:

Channel 4, Note on, value 0 -> I intend to send this message so that the keyboard actually plays a note, which is the expected behavior on a real bass pedal. Channel 4 would be the left voice of my keyboard. I would also send it to channel 1 (right 1), 2 (right 2), or 3 (right 3) if I want to.

Channel 16, Controller Change 14, value: 85 =
| 1 |0|1 | 0 |1 | 0 |1 |

Channel 16, Controller Change 15, value: 17 =
|0|0|1| 0 |0| 0  |1 |
|- |-|B|A#|A|G#|G|

So, if you translate it to note on events, then you will have to send notes: C, D, E, F#, G, and B, which is the chord: CM7(#11). I already did a small script that will translate that numbers to notes; now I have to integrate it with Bome Translator, which as far as I have read, should be possible.

Anyway, you mentioned another interesting thing here that I was also thinking: "sending messages with up and down pedal". I think that's the most difficult part of this matter. I'm not sure how I will handle this; I will need first to send some "note on" events, then their espective "note off". I'm still thinking how to solve this. Perhaps I will have somehow to save the previous sent notes (Bome Translator has some variables to do this) and when a new chord comes or after some time, then I will have to send the note offs from Bome Translator. This is indeed the most complicated part. Other way would be to know if the FCB1010 sends some kind of SysEx when releasing a pedal, then I can just catch that message.

What pedal press, sequences would you use to produce all of the combinations of major, minor, M7, m7, diminished etc?
For my keyboard, there is a clear description on the manual of which keys from the left voice will fire which chord. So, my idea is to program some pedals with the chords I need. i'm aware that I won't be able to handle all chords, but usually the scores I have, use at most 4 chords. Anyway, if you want, you can at most program 10 chords per bank and if you want, you can even program the other banks.

Would you be using bank switches to control this?
I guess, I will only program individual pedals with the chords I need. Switching between banks while playing would be really a big challenge for me, which I will avoid right now.

I've thought of doing something like this before but this is where I hit a roadblock (aside from the fact that the layout of the FCB1010 is not like a keyboard).

Yes, I'm also aware that the real bass pedals would be much easier to play since they look like a keyboard. Anyway, I guess I will have to do it with I have.

Anyway, the Bome Translator is just a temporary solution for me. My plan is to use this:

which should be connected to an Arduino board. I have this one since a long time and I thought it would be nice to use it:

The reason for me for choosing the hardware solution instead of the "Bome Translator" is that I don't need to power on my laptop and have it next to me. I just have to connect a phone charger to the Arduino board and it will start working without me having to login or doing additional stuff.

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