Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal


Hi Jack

I have a MIDI shield and do a bit of Arduino programming with it, however it is time consuming. Have you looked into BomeBox? I know it is quite a bit more expensive, however, you could take the project you create with Bome MIDI Translator Pro and transfer it to BomeBox for execution there (with out a computer). You DO need to also have Bome MIDI Translator Pro license as well however and not the trial copy or the project will not work on BomeBox.

I haven't tried BomeBox: it looks good, but I think it is really expensive for my budget, so, I will first try the software solution with Bome Translate and if it works, then i will perhaps think about it.

The only way I've figured out to use the up and down pedals on the FCB1010 is to buy EurekaProm3 and then all pedals, LED's and displays would be programmable with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.
IO Mode is a really dumb mode so you would have to put all of the brains in the Bome (or Arduino), products. In IO, mode it doesn't send SysEX but sends unique CC for any pedal up/down and expression pedal movement. You can see what it sends by going to their website and looking at IO mode. It has a table of everything it sends and recieves.

I have heard also about the Eureka-Prom; however, I haven't done much trials with the pedal controller, so, first I will see if I get something and then I will consider this update, which seems to add more flexibility to the FCB1010

I've also been experimenting of getting the Arduino to send RT-MIDI across to my Mac. If I get that working, I could then integrate it with other products that support RT-MIDI.  So far, I'm having issues getting my attached ESP8266 wireless shield working.  The IDEA is to have my MIDI Shield and ESP8266 shields both attached and send and recieve MIDI over the network from any attached MIDI DIN device.  I know iConnectiity can do this with their products but iConnectivity is also a more expensive solution (unless you count my time in trying to get the Arduino to do it).
This sounds interesting.

Thanks for sharing your findings.

Best regards

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