Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal


AFAIK, no one answered one of your original questions:  Is controller 03 really undefined?  The answer is, of course, yes, mostly.

TLDR: Whichever you use, test it and see if it has any undesired effects. You can always reset everything and change to a different controller number.  You only have to worry about YOUR MIDI setup.  Connections between different musicians gets really complicated really fast, and usually isn't done - at least in smaller setups.  So just research your gear, and you should be good.  If your stuff won't be connected to anyone else's, it can't interfere.  Use whatever works for you.

The fact is a lot of instrument and pedal manufacturers use non-standard MIDI implementations, and it can be hard to decipher their MIDI documentation, IF you can even find some.  Don't be afraid to call their tech support and ask direct questions.  They might be able to help you, and might not.  Maybe if they get enough calls they'll start paying attention to proper and easy to read MIDI documentation in their manuals (to those of you experienced in this field, don't laugh too hard).  If you can find the documentation, read it.  If it's hard to understand, just try to find any mention of the controller numbers you want to use.  Make sure to decipher whether they're talking in hexadecimal numbers or regular decimal. I really hate the ones that use hex for controller numbers and decimal for everything else.

From my admittedly limited experience (mostly helping others decipher those manuals), most non-standard stuff sticks to the lower undefined controller numbers, before the 20-31 range.  I usually stick to that higher range, mostly because it's sequential and easy to remember the numbers, but also because I've never seen any pedals or effects boxes that use them.  But like I said, if all you're using MIDI for is the PSR-9000, just pick one and go.  Oh, and one thing I've found really valuable - Write It Down.  Print it out.  Tape it to the box.  Nothing like adding gear down the line and having to use MIDI-OX or something similar to figure out which controllers and/or channels you set up three years ago.  That gets old fast.

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