Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal


On 11/17/2019 9:59 AM, Steve Pettinger wrote:
I have been wonder if there was a way to play chords via the fcb1010
as well. Would be very useful.
You would definitely need something like the Bome MIDI Translator, or a
DAW on a computer.  I made a setup with Ableton Live once that let you
play chords in any key just using the white keys, as if you were in the
key of C (or A minor, if it's a minor key).  Not only could you
transpose to any key, you could set the starting octave and how many
octaves you wanted to repeat the chord in.  Simple triad chords, but it
was easy to do.    It also had a Max4Live effect that found the lowest
note and sent that to a Bass channel. It was clunky, kinda sounded like
a toy Casio from the 70's with better audio, but it was fun to play with.

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