Re: FCB1010 as Bass pedal


Hi Steve

It is nice that you can use it. Anyway, I advice you to first try the trial version, which allows you to run it for 20 minutes without interruptions, then you will have to quit it and open it again for 20 minutes. If it is what you expect to be, then you can buy it.

There are in deed two things I disliked from Bome Translator:
  1. I always have to turn on my laptop, login into Windows/MAC, then start the software. For me, a standalone version, where I just have to power on would be much better. Then I don't need extra space for my laptop
  2. Bome Translator only allows to use two letter variable names. For me it would be better to have full names, then following the code would be easier.

Anyway, once you get the code working, I guess you don't need to follow what it does. I haven't tried it a lot, but it seems to work.

Anyway, I will migrate this to a standalone version with a Raspbery Pi 4 (, so, I don't have to turn on my laptop, login into Windows, and start the software. Eventually, I will use eventually the Raspberry for setting up any other MIDI devices I have, ie: sending some commands or even MIDI files. I'm planning to use an USB to MIDI cable I have.

Best regards

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