Re: A Little Inspiration - Neon Vines


That's what I love about the FCB1010 - It's so versatile.  From what I saw her doing, the FCB1010 was at least changing "patches" on the Sampler, maybe the MPC as well.  It's great for that - changing sounds for the next song, or next part of a song in this case.  Not so different from the way it's used for a guitar setup, really.

I use mine pretty simply, starting and stopping background pads, with main Volume on one pedal and the frequency of a low pass filter on the other. (I play keys for a worship group.)  I have used it to tell my DAW to change keys (for pads and/or key-dependent instruments), but that's about as complicated as I've gotten so far.

Do you have a unique or interesting setup with the FCB1010?  Let us hear about it!

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