Re: Total newbie Installation

Buzzer Man

Appreciate the thorough reply. I did give it a few days to go over what I might need. Basically I'll want a setup that will allow this:

Have approx. 9 main guitar sounds. Then a solo/lead click for each of these. And then wah wah and volume on 2 or three of them. I'll mainly want a setup that mirrors how I'd play live with it if I was using regular pedals et al.

So ultimately I'll just need perhaps a Global setup? I don't understand all this yet but trying to start on the right track for my long term needs. I do understand what you mean regarding the banks and the pedal not syncing with TH-U in terms of switching banks.

I won't need to have the ability via the pedal to alter the amount of distortion real time or change the delay real time ot other really intricate midi adjustments. Yet I can see the use and need for the option to add some reverb swell or some special effect as a one off during a solo. Maybe this could be done with one of the expression pedals?

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