Re: Total newbie Installation


OK, you probably should spend some time reading the THU Manual.
Attached is a sysex file. I've tested it using TH3, and it works as follows:

Bank 00
Pedals 1-5 send CC#s 111-115
Pedals 6-10 send PC#s 000-004

Bank 01
Pedals 1-5 send CC#s 111-115
Pedals 6-10 send PC#s 005-009

All Presets in all Banks
Expression Pedal A = CC#126
Expression Pedal B = CC#127

Although THU numbers it's Presets 1-Infinity (however many are allowed per bank), PC#000 will always load Preset 1. This whole numbering thing is transparent in use, I only mention it since when you load the sysex in your MIDI Editor (loaded properly in the Ed Dixon Editor (in the Files area FCB1010Editor> Follow the directions to load the sysex into your FCB.

In THU>MIDI you'll want to set the first two items per the attached screenshot.

You can then decide what you want to control and use LEARN to assign buttons 1-5 (CC#s 111-115).
Tap Tempo is in the last group.(OTHER). I assume that's what you meant by "CLICK", though /Solo I'm not sure? Anyhow, you'll want to click BPM in the second (under the Menu) Bar so that it shows INTERNAL to use Tap Tempo.

Expression Pedals can be assigned to the individual controls on the images by Right Clicking on the control. If you select "Learn MIDI for Current Preset you can reuse the Expression pedals in other presets for other controls. DON'T FORGET to SAVE THE PRESET! whenever you assign MIDI or make any other changes to a preset. Keep in mind that you must press a button, any button 1-10, before the Expression Pedals are active.

The attached sysex allows you access to 10 Presets. If you need more, just set up the pedals in additional banks same as the first two, but with different PC#s.


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