How to program Guitar Rig 5 with FCB/UnO editor ? #wanted

Rosen Canev

Hi dear community!

Recently I bought  FCB/UnO editor for the original FCB1010. I am running  FCB 1010 (v.2.5). I have connected it to my Windows 10 with Roland UM – One Mk II and everything works fine. I am newbie to MIDI so I have a couple of questions:


1.    May I program Guitar Rig 5 in standalone mode with FCB/UnO editor? ( Later I will ask for DAW)

2.    May I program S-Gear 2 in standalone mode with FCB/UnO editor?

3.    May I run both applications in standalone mode simultaneously?( For example: to use 2 presets from Guitar Rig then to turn to 2 presets from S-Gear) ( As I know it is possible for DAW- right?)

4.    Before start programming should I calibrate both expression pedals?

5.    During setting up FCB/Uno editor from the menu I chose Midi- In port – UM-ONE and Midi Out port – UM-One. Is it correct?


Thank you in advance!

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